“This will be our first time doing Yung Dumb outside of 208 Water Street since 2012,” says Adam Harding, “Actually, it’ll be our first endeavour outside of the normal night club setting, period. This is simultaneously nerve wracking and exciting, but I’m embracing the change.”

He says there is a movement in electronic music right now, where promoters are moving to unconventional spaces; rebelling against the creative constraints that go with working in your standard night club. “Yung Dumb aligns with this cause, and it’s about time we make the move into a more progressive way of throwing dance parties.”

“The Johnson GEO CENTRE have been kind enough to work with us on this. We’re gearing up to use their reception hall as a colour blasted dance floor. We see this as an opportunity to curate a meaningful collaboration between likeminded organizations. The Adelaide Oyster House have signed on to cater, and we’re getting some donations from Planned Parenthood. Adam Rhodes is a DJ from Brooklyn who runs an event called PAPI JUICE, a collective who cater to queer people of colour and the folks that support them.”

MusicNL has been gracious enough to fund a daytime panel and talk with Adam Rhodes, alongside local queer DJ Bryan Oliver, to discuss the contrast and challenges between being a queer artist in an environment like New York in comparison to St. John’s.

This will take place at Rocket Room, 6pm. “Adam Rhodes will be headlining the night time party at the Geo Centre later that eve. You can find tickets and more info on the panel at www.facebook.com/yungdumb.”

YUNG DUMB at Pride will take place July 14th @ Johnson Geo Centre, 10:30pm