Yellowbelly make some of the best beer in the country. They also regularly make small batch seasonals available for a limited time only in select NLC outlets, or at Yellowbelly Brewery itself, on the corner of Water and George Street.

Their latest seasonal, released earlier this week, is called Southern Shore Foggy Porter. As the title promises, it’s a porter. And this porter is dry hopped, earthy, and spicy with a hint of grapefruit-leaning citrus flavours and aromas. It’s currently rocking a 4.13 / 5 rating on Untappd.

The “liberal use of roasted barley” provides its delightful, gimme-more astringent finish, while the type of barley used accounts for its smoky notes. As the label says, “A fine pint for the cool evenings to come.”

A Quick History Lesson: The relationship between Porters & Stouts

If you don’t know what a porter is, it’s kinda like a stout, and Guinness is a popular example of a stout.  Porters are similar to stouts because stouts are the descendents of porters. People started mucking with porter recipes to create “stout porters” which are now just called stouts. Porters are heavy, dark beers like stouts, but lighter in body, higher in carbonation, more hopped up on hops, yet display more malt sweetness.