Listing what’s in this giveaway bundle would ruin the fun of unwrapping the gifts and perusing the goods, with your hands and eyes as giddy as they used to be on Christmas day as a kid. Back before you discovered Larkin or Plath or Bukowski, and read that there was no magic left in this cold, dark world …

But there’s everything in this bundle, from killer Canadian poets you’ve yet to discover, to a Griffin Poetry Prize winner (so a book worth $65,000 in prize money!). Books as curiously titled as Satisfying Clicking Sound, or as titillating as The Scarborough, by Michael Lista, of National Post and Walrus book-critique famed.

The bundle is particularly hefty with titles from Brick Books — Canada’s most esteemed publisher of poetry (in fact, they only publish poetry), and there’s even a few anthologies, including one written entirely by 20-something different women named Susan. (Yes, Sue Goyette, goddess of Atlantic poetry is one of them!)

Want them? Act quick, we draw a winner Friday morning.

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