A decade ago or more, when I had first returned from BC to St. John’s, I spent a few months as a laundress at Mighty Whites. What I learned about the people and establishments in my neighbourhood could fill a book, literally dealing with their dirty laundry.

It was at this time that Jason Sellars became known to me, as the mysterious individual with the coolest screen printed underwear in St. John’s. For weeks I was curious as to who could be so bold and right on with their fashion choices, and finally one day I was working the desk when he came in to get his stuff.

A friendship was born, and I have since come to see him as one of the best dressed men in the city. Hailing from Grand Falls, Jason describes himself as a “Quidi Vidi kid,” having made St. Johns his home over a decade ago. For 7 of these years he was president of the Board for the St. John’s Mummers Festival, and is always Jack Frost in the city’s Christmas parade, wearing a costume he makes himself out of recycled materials.

As would be expected, he has a pretty creative day job too, working at The Rooms in the galleries’ public education programs. He “wears many hats” there he says, but dear to his heart is the weekly tots art program and the teen after school art club. You can also sometimes find him behind the bar at the Inne of Olde, hooking rugs or jigging cod in the gut.

Western Vests (From The Outfitters)


The western look rolls on into fall, and this Outfitters vest combines it with a cool 70’s inspired feel with its use of wide wale corduroy detail in an earthy tone. Another winner with Jason. “Nothing comforts the core like a vest. On trend. Really nice.”

Checkers (From Model Citizens)


That’s the plaid for fall, the fashion illuminati have decreed (or at least Vogue magazine has). This red flannel Figgyduff Dory shirt from Model Citizens printed with a snippet of our provincial anthem is a 100% yes for Jason. “Love the colour, love the diy element, love everything about it.”

Light Coloured Denim (From Ballistic)


If rap stars say “it’s all about the light coloured denim this season.” who are we to disagree? This is the second backpack featured from Ballistic, their bag selection is one of their strongest points for non-skaters. Jason admires the backpack, but stresses his world has room for all denims, pale, dark, and especially acid wash, custom, or vintage.

Harem Pants (From Flower Child)


The drop waist has been riding a wave for a few years now, and is working its way back into mainstream acceptability not seen since the days of the Parachute Club. Jason is not buying it, and says with his characteristic cheerfulness, of the burnt orange silk billowy pants I am handing to him, “I would never ever wear these, but sure, I’ll wear them for the photo.” Fifteen minutes later it’s a different story. “They are so comfortable, and I do love paisleys and florals. I think it’s just the colour. It’s just too much with this cut.” Pants available at Flowerchild.