Four men’s trends. One local man. A frank discussion about style, wearability, and fun. This month I chat with award-winning musician Duane Andrews about some hot spring trends.

Retro Gentleman’s Prints (@Byron’s):


This fabulous, discreetly checked blazer and finely dotted shirt were the favourite of this month’s offerings. Without hesitation Duane responded ‘ I would DEFINITELY wear that. “My style runs the gamut from Value Village finds to James Bond looks, and this is a great Newfoundland James Bond outfit.” Blazer and shirt available at Byron’s European Collections For Men, as well as a tonne of other neat retro prints for spring, whenever it comes.

Fancy Hats (@ WM. L. Chafe and Son):


WM. L. Chafe and Son has a pretty deadly hat selection, and with so many to choose from it was hard to pick just one. This burgundy number combines the usefulness of shade from the sun with much more panache than your usual ball cap. Plus the lovely pop of colour, bringing your outfit to a whole new level of cool. This can compliment a suit, or give jeans and a tee shirt a slicker but effortless look.

Colourful Spring Outerwear (@ The Outfitters):


Spring has a bit of a different meaning here than in most places. Wind and rain are better than snow, so we want desperately to get outside, but still need gear for it. The neon ‘firefly green’ gore tex jacket from Outfitters was a great excursion piece, Duane figured, great for hikes around the bay or boat trips. “Anything where you would need to pack a good rain jacket.”

Floral Prints (@ Ballistic)


Duane was really into this trend, owning many floral shirts, it turns out. He loved the print on this bag from Ballistic, but would prefer it in a backpack style for improved functionality. As a touring musician, this matters.