Over 50 Newfoundlanders & Labradorians have a new award to add to their bios, and a little more money in hand, thanks to the 2016 NL Arts and Letters Awards. The Arts and Letters awards are an annual celebration of local arts, across all disciplines, from scripts to songs, and books to the visual arts. There are categories for adults and youth alike, and this year alone, they doled out $44,000 in prizes.

On Monday, you will be able to sample and see work by the winners here: http://www.btcrd.gov.nl.ca/artsculture/artsandletters/winning_entries.html

Senior Poetry ($1,000 prize)

Name Home Title
Joe Bishop St. John’s Shell Shock
Nathan Downey St. John’s Eating Songbirds
Mary Germaine St. John’s If Icarus had a Sister
Anthony Lambe Paradise Seconds


Senior Short Fiction ($1,000 prize)

Name Home Title
Bridget Canning St. John’s Bradley and Molly 4Ever
Michael Finn St. Bernard’s-Jacques Fontaine Everything’s Cool
Dane Gill Gander The Astronaut’s Dog
Sarah Penney-Flynn Bide Arm Trawling the Dark


 Senior Non-Fictional Prose ($1,000 prize) 

Name Home Title
Laura Barron St. John’s Riding with the Red Barron
Chloe Edbrooke St. John’s Sitting Shiva
Ed Kavanagh Mount Pearl Aunts


Senior Dramatic Script ($1,000 prize)

Name Home Title
Megan Gail Coles St. John’s Grace
Clayton Hare Corner Brook Sins of the Children


Junior Poetry ($350 prize)

Name Home Title
Emily Collins Stephenville Euthanized
Brianna Gibbon Stephenville Cracks
Evan Girardin Stephenville Making Use
Guadalupe Koen-Alonso St. John’s Consumed
Ethan Lewis St. John’s On the Rocks
Olivia Parsons St. John’s Hands
Harrison Porter Kippens Peace
Breanna Sheppard Paradise Such a Pretty Girl


Junior Prose ($350 prize) 

Name Home Title
Leslie Claire Amminson St. John’s Pulled
Olivia Bradbury Upper Island Cove Monsters in Us All
Emma Cole St. John’s Siblings
Ashley Hare Harbour Grace The Blind Side
Eva Haas St. John’s The Ballad of a Shooting Star
Ethan McDonald Portugal Cove Picture This
Caleb Welbourn Jones Portugal Cove The Art of Arguing: How to Write a Persuasive Essay
Matthew Williams Gander Der Schwarzwald


Senior French Literary ( $1,000 prize) 

Name Home Title
Michel Savard St. John’s Essais de lumièrel


Junior French Literary ($350 prize) 

Name Home Title
Christopher Marmouche St. John’s Insensé


Senior Music ($1,000 prize)  

Name Home Title
Glen Collins St. John’s Cheque Please (world fusion)
Aiden Hartery Labrador City Images for orchestra (classical/contemporary)
Rebecca Simms Mount Pearl for pillars, gone (contemporary classical)
Aley Waterman Corner Brook Ender Mender (pop/rock)


Junior Music ($350 prize)

Name Home Title
Clare Follett St. John’s Warning (alternative)
Erin Lee St. John’s Don’t You Dare (pop)
Kat McLevey St. John’s Good Will (electronic)
Hannah Wadman-Scanlan Mount Pearl Stay Up (contemporary folk)


Senior Visual Art ($1,000 prize) 

Name Home Title Medium
David Baltzer St. John’s National Gallery (D.C.) Acrylic/oil on panel
Stephen Brace Lewisporte Shawn and Jacob; Father and Son Film photography
Brian Carey Goulds We Don’t Always Have Time for Tim Hortons Digital photography
Jenny Dwyer Goulds The Rugged Ground Beneath our Feet will Always Lead us Home Acrylic on panel
Fatima Hammond St. John’s Ocean Creatures of the North Atlantic Collage/acrylic
George Horan St. John’s A Murmur of Orange at Dawn Acrylic
Nicole Ledrew May Corner Brook India Gate View Oil on canvas
Laurie Leehane St. John’s Pesticidal Homicide: The Plight of Native Bees oil
Anne Pickard-Vaandering St. John’s “8012775” Mixed media on stonehenge
Christina Rees St. John’s My Favourite Place in Newfoundland Mixed media on panel
Darren Whalen St. John’s Shallow Breath Acrylic/oil on canvas
Melissa Wong St. John’s In the Pink Sky Acrylic on canvas


Junior Visual Art ($350 prize) 

Name Home Title Medium
Aidan Devereaux St. John’s Out There Digital photography
Kayla Dunne Mount Pearl A Reason to Let Go Graphite
Kaeleigh Fitzgerald Clarenville Through the Looking Glass Photography
Hillary Furlong Portugal Cove My Favorite Time of Year Oil/palette knife
Joshua Mack St. John’s The Wondrous Wildlife of Asia Paint/markers on canvas
Ellen Saunders St. John’s Tom Thread on canvas
Olivia Stacey Grand Falls – Windsor St. Lawrence River through a Bus Window Oil on board
Brooklyn Turner Conception Bay South Best Friend Watercolor


Percy Janes First Novel Award ($2,500 prize)

Name Home Title
Devin Lee Paradise Waking Ambrose


Senior Digital Multi Media ($1,000 prize)

Name Home Title
Jonathan Kennedy St. John’s Haunted


Junior Digital Multi Media ($350 prize) 

Name Home Title
Natalie Young St. John’s A Day in July, October and December