Shovelling is brutal. Really. It’s worse than you think. Heavy lifting is the heart’s nemesis, and that is made worse by the fact that straining muscles, and cold air, naturally amp up blood pressure and heart rate, which is why shovelling and heart attacks go hand in hand in Canada. Especially for males and for people with genetic heart conditions. 

30 minutes of shovelling is no different than 30 minutes at the gym, in terms or wear and tear on your muscles and back, and yet when it snows here, oodles of unfit Newfoundlanders charge out at the stuff full tilt, like it’s really gotta go, and the faster it’s gone the better.

Well, for this winter, one lucky household in the East End won’t have to worry about bad backs and heart hazards, nor their physical inability to handle the heaps of snow themselves. That Christmas miracle is coming courtesy of a company called Snow and Mow.

Snow and Mow is a family-run property maintenance business, contracted by homeowners, landlords, and commercial customers for everything from snow shovelling and lawn mowing to garbage removal and deck construction. 

“For a second year, we would like to give back to our community and offer our snow clearing service free of charge to someone who needs a little help in the East End of St. John’s.” If you wanna win their services for an ENTIRE WINTER, simply nominate yourself (or someone worthy) by emailing

“We are offering this to give back to our community, as we believe the snow, although pretty, can alienate a lot of people who are unable to shovel it themselves,” says Max Staubitzer.

“So if you have an elderly relative, a friend who is unwell, or a neighbour who could use a little help, we would like to hear from you this Christmas! We hope that having their snow clearing taken care of for a full winter, will allow them to enjoy life a little easier and help them get on with what they need to.”