Kickstart Your Dream Job or Launch A Project to New Heights

The Overcast’s $12,500 Albedo Grant is available for entrepreneurs, organizations, or artists looking to kickstart a dreamjob or launch their operation to new heights.

Its 3 sponsors, Dean MacDonald, John O’Dea, and the Keeping family, will judge your submissions, and grant $12,500, no strings attached, to a winner.

Previous submissions have included everything from local breweries to luxury campgrounds, concert series, and donut shops. Whatever your mind can whip up that’s worthy of investment is eligible, but there’s an emphasis on benefit to the community you’ll operate out of.

2015’s Winner: The Autism Society’s “Mobile Gardening Unit”
2016’s Winner: The School Lunch Association’s “After School Culinary Program” 

Apply Now Deadline: June 12th, 2017

To apply, email:

Send us a brief, clear 1- or 2-page description of your idea. Yes, a 1- or 2-page description. If you really have a handle on your idea, you can present why it’s a great idea, how it can benefit the community, and how you will execute it in 2 pages or less. The sponsors will follow up if they have subsequent questions.

A shortlist of 5 will be presented during the last week of June 2017, and the winner will be revealed as July’s cover story.

If you, like Dean MacDonald, The Keeping Family, and John O’Dea are a benevolent local and would like to get in on the Albedo Grant with your own contribution (of $2,500 or $5000), get in touch. The more money in this pot the better