Why We’re Cheaping Out On First Meetups

Dear Women of Tinder: on a first date, please limit yourself to 1 drink if you’re not paying the bill. We all know it’s hard times. And we all know these new artisan, hand-cranked cocktails are $12-15 a pop. That’s more than most appetizers a pop. Ergo, your 2-3 drinks will total about $40-50, taxes in. While your app and meal will also be $40-50. So that’s like me taking out TWO people for supper. It this sounds cheap of me, than here is a lesson in class: a “cocktail” is meant as a pre-meal drink, not a with-meal drink (you order wine with your meal), so 1 cocktail should be enough. I’m looking for love, not bankruptcy. Last night’s date’s drink total? $48.30 + a $16 pizza ($18.34). Her drinks cost 2.6 times more than her meal. And I’ll never see her again. I can’t drink to that. Broke til Wednesday now” – Broke-Hearted

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    • But it actually is about the expectation that the man always pick up the tab or that the woman is unable to. What do you think you know about fighting for equality?

      • Women spend money like there is no tomorrow. And while the modern woman is able and encouraged to be and do whatever she wants, men are still expected to fulfil that traditional role of provider. “Broke-Hearted” may have dodged a bullet if he is getting out of this with only 60 bucks lost.

  • It’s call a coffee date dude, the only reason you bought her some fancy cocktails and pizza is because you were hoping it would help you get in her pants after the first date, and now your disappointed about the bill because you didn’t get to bang. She knew your strategy and played you for spite!

    • This. Buying a girl things (dinner/drinks/etc) does not entitle you to anything. A first date should be split anyways, whatever you end up doing.

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