Dear Women of Tinder: on a first date, please limit yourself to 1 drink if you’re not paying the bill. We all know it’s hard times. And we all know these new artisan, hand-cranked cocktails are $12-15 a pop. That’s more than most appetizers a pop. Ergo, your 2-3 drinks will total about $40-50, taxes in. While your app and meal will also be $40-50. So that’s like me taking out TWO people for supper. It this sounds cheap of me, than here is a lesson in class: a “cocktail” is meant as a pre-meal drink, not a with-meal drink (you order wine with your meal), so 1 cocktail should be enough. I’m looking for love, not bankruptcy. Last night’s date’s drink total? $48.30 + a $16 pizza ($18.34). Her drinks cost 2.6 times more than her meal. And I’ll never see her again. I can’t drink to that. Broke til Wednesday now” – Broke-Hearted