Why Can’t An Old-School Guy Find an Old-School Girl

“The whole dating scene these days seems to have lost direction, or maybe I’m the one who needs direction(!) What happened to the good old scene when a guy would ask a girl out for a date and not just ‘a hangout.’ And why is it so out of fashion to save yourself for marriage? Is chivalry dead? I’d hope to believe that it’s not. if you are still reading this then I’m assuming that you’re following what I’m saying. If that be the case, then let’s proceed.

Hey you! Yes, You! If you’re still reading this then I’m talking to you. Can I take you out for a date? I probably can’t afford a fancy date, but at least a mediocre one? And then if things don’t turn out the right way, we can at-least be friends (hopefully) or maybe not. But I say we give it a try! Who am I? I am just an ordinary guy. I will also be upfront and confess that I’m not a Newfoundlander and am a ‘come from away.’ 30 Yo, Average Body type, 5’6″ If I’ve been able to make you slightly curious then why not write me back? Would that be too much to ask for? And tell me a bit about yourself and then we can take it from there. Sounds like a plan? Waiting to hear back from you ….” – Dewdrops

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  • With attitudes like that in the last two comments, you and the poster are ensuring that they will never get laid again.

  • Old school girls are hard to find, the sexual revolution of the 60’s and feminism made sure of that.
    Girls want to be able to get drunk and have sex with many partners, and have abortions. Then they complain about how hard it is finding a good man at 35 years old, watch Sex and the City dvds, depressed and bitter, addicted to facebook and social justice activism.

  • females around here are bitches, son. The answer is simple: they won’t go on a date with you because you’re too short.

  • counterpoint:

    dating (mating) rituals have always been bullshit. conformity, consumerism, gender imbalance and male privilege, it’s all in there. why can’t two adults just talk and learn about each other without stressing over artificial social expectations? what is wrong with hanging out?

    and premarital celibacy is just sheer and utter self-punishment, especially the prospect of discovering too late your partner’s not sexually compatible.

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