Krissy Holmes is many things, but best known as a local CBC Personality, who is apparently so devoted to the job that not even a concussion can keep her away from work.

Tell Us Something about You That Anyone Who Knows You Would Know

I am a conversation hunter. I want to move quickly past small talk and get into big game chat. Other loves: dancing, style, margaritas, spicy vegetarian food and dogs. Especially my doggy BFF Droolie.

Tell Us Something About You Maybe No One Knows

I did the Morning Show with a concussion for two weeks in January after flipping a ski-doo. Yes, I was wearing a helmet.

Tell Us a Tic of Yours That May Bother Your Boss Or Partner.

When I get an idea that I’m really hot for, I have trouble letting it go.

Share a Vacation Destination You’ve Enjoyed and Recommend.

Last summer my friends and I went to Serbia for Exit Fest, and it was AMAZING! It’s a huge electronic music festival that takes place in an ancient fortress. We danced our asses off for 4 days and lived like kings and queens while we did it. One of the coolest parts: the local hospitality. One of the biggest challenges: the language barrier. We overcame that several times by using the universal language: arm wrestling. Canada 3, Serbia 0.

What Would You Maybe Rather Be Doing for a Living?

I honestly LOVE my job. The skillset can bridge you into any number of broadcast roles. Someday I’d like to do what Heather Hiscox does (since hosting Newsnet is sort of the most intense ‘live’ hosting gig I can think of) but I also crave other “outside work” creative projects. Like — sometimes I just want to decorate the world. I’d love to do a fashion line for weather presenters/news anchors. I’d also love to design cool housing elements, like floaty tables for hot-tub dinner parties. I’d also like to spend my post-retirement years spending some hard-earned creative freedom.

What’s a Go to Meal or Snack for You?

Coffee and solids that taste good dipped in coffee.

Last Netflix Binge? Would You Recommend It?

I love Viking inspired dramas. I just binged on The Last Kingdom and loved it. Great story AND great hair.

What Can Be Done Right Now to Make the World a Better Place?

The world could really benefit from less judgement. Think about it. Every time you see a perp walk on the news. When you yell at someone for not using their indicators. When you buy into the public rhetoric or latest hate-campaign about the least-popular politician of the day. It’s difficult to know exactly why people do what they do and without the full picture, judgement is essentially ignorance that does nothing to improve either person’s outcome.

What Qualities Do You Admire Most in a Romantic Partner?

Smart, funny, playful, and driven.

Name a Song or Album You’ll Never Be Sick Of

Two: Sloan Smeared and Billy Talent II

Share an Experience That Changed Your View on the World.

One day someone said to me, “Nothing is personal.” I thought a lot about that and realized she was right. Most things other people push at you are actually about their own short comings. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you.

Tell Us A Random Memory from Your Childhood.

One Saturday morning I was eating a giant orange-flavoured gummy spider while watching Muppet Babies. I became violently ill and as a result I don’t like oranges or orange flavours anymore.

How Should a Person Be?

It takes all kinds, so I don’t think there is any one “right” way to be lol.

What 3 Things Would You Take in a Backyard Bomb Shelter with You on Doomsday?

Assuming “doomsday” means some variety of solar flare or nuclear fallout, I’m going to assume that wifi is off the table. In that scenario, I’d take my fave stuffy George, my collection of Seth books, and lots of paper/writing tools.