Gerry Rogers is many things. Among them a filmmaker, activist, and NDP MHA for St. John’s Centre

Tell Us Something about You That Anyone Who Knows You Would Know

I love getting people together! Whether a dozen or 10 dozen. Planning, hunting and gathering, preparing food, serving people, doing dishes – I love it all! And the sense of community that comes from gathering a crowd, standing back and hearing the buzz of people connecting. You just never know what will come of putting people together.

Tell Us a Tic of Yours That May Bother Your Boss Or Partner.

I am always late. No matter how early I get up in the morning I am late. I’m known as the “late Gerry Rogers.” It’s the biggest stress in my life. I always think I can fit just one more thing in before moving on to the next. But maybe it’s a resistance thing? I can’t figure it out. Can anyone out there help me?

Name Something You’ve Done in Your Life You’re Really Happy With, and Why.

I called for the All Party Committee on Mental Health and Addictions. And it worked! The report has strong recommendations that will make things better! That party/connecting thing again…. gather people together, get them talking and ya never know what will come of it! I’m also pretty proud of films I made with Peg, especially, My Left Breast, Pleasant Street and Ferron; Girl on a Road. I love the team work.


Why Do You Do What You Do for a Living?

Can’t say what I’m doing right now is “for a living.”  And 30 years making documentary films was never really “for a living” either. I ran for politics because I wanted to take my turn at the table where decisions are made, to bring another diverse voice to the conversation. I believe the future of our province depends on more if us taking turns to do the job of making our province the best it can be for everyone.

What Can Be Done Right Now to Make the World a Better Place?

Anything that helps bring about economic and social justice. It touches on everything from sustainable communities, equality, labour, housing, education, environmental sustainability, the arts, innovation, etc. We can make it better.

Share a Vacation Destination You’ve Enjoyed and Recommend.

A few years ago we rented a canal boat and traveled down France’s Canal du Midi. We cruised along during the day, anchoring, biking to nearby towns, going to markets, coming back and cooking meals on board. I loved the movement. We were like snails, taking our own little water house with us. And it was ever so slow and easy… peaceful. If you can, do it.

Best & Worst Thing about Living in NL?

Best: The strong sense of community that sustains me and I in turn try to foster and sustain.
Worst: The many folks who don’t experience community. Then of course there’s the “W” word!

What Qualities Do You Admire Most in a Romantic Partner?

Even as a teenager, my heart throbs were the thinkers, the rebels and outsiders. Nothing is more sexy and seductive than an activist and rebel, someone with a strong sense of social justice, a listener and community builder with courage to act on their convictions. Then throw in humour and rhythm to top it off! What a combination! Peg Norman is my heart throb!

Name Someone You Deem Admirable, and Why?

The amazing activists right now in our community, Amelia Curran and her fab work on mental health, Mark Gruchy too. Justin Brake who is so committed to giving voice to those who are shoved to the margins around Muskrat Falls, all those folks including the Land Protectors. Anybody building community / working to make things more fair. Hey Chad and Overcast team… what a big fat juicy gift you give us all!

Name a Song or Album You’ll Never Be Sick Of

Some of Ferron’s music. Peg and I made a film about her a few years back. Check her out if you don’t know her stuff. And the local music scene! Holy!

What’s Your Biggest Regret?

Not being physically active enough and taking better care of my body. I suppose I still have time to do something about that. Can anyone out there help me?

What 3 Things Would You Take in a Backyard Bomb Shelter with You on Doomsday?

Probably wouldn’t want to hide in the shelter.  I’d want to be out seeing what was going on and filming it. So Peg, and a camera, and…