“He seemed really sweet on the dating app when we were talking, actually. But then he seemed oddly adamant about our first date: exactly where we would go for supper, and exactly what time. I get off at 6, so, eating at 6 was a bit rushed! But no, ‘can you just come right after work, i’ll hold the seat?’ And, Merchant Tavern is great, but, as a non-seafood lover, I suggested alternatives: he wasn’t having it, and said he’d pay for the meal to make it up to me. I should have known something was up. And something was up: it just so happened his ex was there. Surprise surprise. Recent ex, as in, he wanted to spy on her and her new guy, and he wanted me there to what, make him seem liek he was over her, when he was in fact creepily stalking her, staring at her. Fine, use me, I’ll use you: ‘Another one of these expensive cocktails please fine sir, and yes, of course we want dessert, which is the most expensive?’ Jerk. That was the first time I excused myself to the washroom as a date paid, them promptly left the building. I hope his ex noticed his date left him high and dry too.” – Epically Letdown