“I only moved to NL in September, but YIKES that has been long enough to get into some tiffs with the neighbours! Look folks, I get it, street parking is a hot commodity in the downtown area, but if it’s not a parking permit zone, anyone can park on the street! While moving my car around the neighbourhood this winter to avoid snow-clearing, I’ve been openly yelled at three times! One woman even went to the effort of shoving snow in front of my car and all around my tires up to the axle! She then waited for me to return (hours later) to yell at me that, “On this street, everyone parks in front of their house!” After which, she watched from her window as I dug myself out. I did not intend to personally offend anyone by parking my car on a public street! Come on, people, I thought you were supposed to be NICE in this province?!” – Hurt & disappointed CFA