“If sea monkeys aren’t real pets, then why did my parents let me feed mine every day! I get lying about Santa, it’s a bit of fun and joy for a kid, but why get me to perform a fake chore every day. Kids hate chores. I can’t believe i thought sea monkeys were real and alive, but just super small, lol. Just read a short story and in it, found out they aren’t real and Googled it and now I’m off to confront Mom and Dad” – Duped Dude

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  • Sea monkeys are real.
    They’re a type of Brine shrimp from the Artemiidae family.
    They have a life history stage called Cryptobiosis which is a dormant state that allows them to survive harsh conditions ( in nature freezer or desiccation) or in your case, being put in a tiny plastic bag in box kit for children to enjoy at a later date.

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