Rod Stewart comes to St. John’s; plays a big concert: everyone’s in love.

Photos emerge of Rod wearing a seal skin coat at Vogue Furriers, and people fall further in love. “TAKE THAT PAUL MCCARTNEY!”

Rod is the new cod.

But then Tuesday rolls around, and Rod tweets his outrage that Vogue Furriers made him seem like a seal trade supporter … as if they could have inferred any differently when he waltzed into their fur store, and put on a seal skin coat.

His outrage went on to declare he hadn’t realized it was a seal skin coat, and he doesn’t support the hunt. There are a few issues with that statement. What grey furred Newfoundland animal did he think he was donning, albino moose? And what is he saying: if it was the skin of an endangered tiger or the fur from inhumanely farmed minks it’d be okay?

Fun Facts for Any UK Rocker with Misguided Notions about the Seal Hunt

1.) Yes, we wack them over the head. Bludgeon is the term. But only because one swift blow is more humane than shooting them, missing the mark, trying again, etc. And why litter the great white landscape with bullet shells?

… and quite frankly, a country that only banned its vicious fox hunts in 2005 — which involved men on horses leading packs of dogs to tear foxes apart — doesn’t have the right to say what is and is not humane. Especially since you still use dogs to help cull fox when numbers spike (I know, I know, you only use a few dogs now.)

2.) There is probably no animal hunt in the world that uses as much of the slaughtered animal: from meat, to fur, right down to medicinal uses of their omega-rich fatty oils … and even further down to their penisses. Every bloody inch of the thing, it’s no wonder we don’t pump them full of bullets.

… unlike say, the fox hunts. Did you even eat the foxes, or was it all “for sport” and a bit of fur?

3.) They’re not going anywhere. And cuteness shouldn’t factor into the attention a species is given — endangerment and ecological value should.

… Where was your conservation concerns for the the zanzibar leopard, the eastern cougar, the javan tiger, the pyrenean ibex, or the west African black Rhino, Rod? They all went extinct in your lifetime. As did many more, like the spix macaw, or the baiji dolphin. Where were you for the black-faced honeycreeper, or the Japanese river otter, Paul McCartney? Here are 5 animals predicted to be extinct by the end of 2015. can we please turn our concerns where they belong? The Northern White Rhino (there’s 5 left, all in captivity), The ivory-billed woodpecker (probably already extinct), the amur leopard (about 30 left), the south china tiger (functionally extinct for being beyond salvation), and mountain gorillas. GORILLAS!