If you haven’t heard: We’re hunting down the best cocktail in town. And we need your help.

We’ve asked eight great restaurants known for their cocktails to offer up their in-house favourite or best seller. These drinks are already legendary – but which is the legend among legends? Read about all 8 cocktail by clicking here.

Tell us your favourite by filling out this form. Here are two random selections on each drink so far

Adelaide’s The El Camino

“it was the best sounding drink of the lot, and turned out to be best drink of the lot too. So, so, good and unique and crisp and refreshing and bracing.” – T. Squires

“Holy shit! Yes, of course I want another!” – ANON

Blue on Water’s Gin Punch

“They get it: anyone who is selling by the pitcher is the winner! Tasty stuff.” – Jen and John

“You had me at gin, and you had me at punch. Not a true cocktail, according to my bf, but we most certainly ordered more.” – Deanne Johnstone

Chinched’s Cilantro Marguerita

“Chinched! Their cilantro margarita is a game changer.” – Ceara

“This isn’t the best cocktail in town … it’s the best cocktail EVER!” – Kris

The Club’s Alcohol Slushie

“Oh, I do hope these are available at The Club for as long as it’s hot out this year. Super refreshing, super tasty, super fun: slushies for adults, adult slushies!” – some girl!

“Oh, man, they should open the front window and start a slushie-truck operation for the sidewalk. WHO WOULDN’T WANT ONE!” – Bob Bob B. Bob

Magnum & Stein’s Starburst Martini

“A great ‘girly cocktail’ if that’s your thing, than this is your thing!” – ‘Marianna’

“Perfect for an afternoon patio drink in the sun!” – ANON

Mallard Cottage’s French 75

“Mallard Cottage! We had four of them in one night!” – M. Lush

“The best thing in this challenge is the Mallard Cottage Bartender.” – Brooke

The Merchant Tavern’s Eastsider

“This is a pure, true, simple, proper, fabulous cocktail. I hope it wins for those reasons. It’s what a cocktail is supposed to be!”

“Authentic-est cocktail in the challenge. And amazing to boot. Clean, clear, crsip, and … tasty.” – ben from Toronto!

The Reluctant Chef’s Tetley Tea-ni

“You had me at Tetley tea. More pleeeease.” -Dana

“I can’t tell if I liked this drink so much because this bar is so fuc*ing cool!” – Potty Mouth