We’re more than half way through The Overcast’s #BurgerBattle. Our chins are greasy, our cholesterol is up, but our winter blues are own. One new couple even claims to have fallen in love during a spree of burger-tasting dates.

The Hashtag and public voting is still lighting up. The critics have made their picks (Check out March’s print issue for the results), but the public vote for the people’s choice is still wide open. Below, drawn at random, are 2 people’s 2 cents on each of the fifteen burgers in the challenge:

Beef & Pork Belly Burger

“These guys are the city burger masters. I hop you’re all aware of that.” – Anon

“Fabulous, definitely warms you up and can feed two people with one serving.” – Anon

The Green Monster

“Green Monster? I’d call it FLAVOUR MONSTER.”

“The beet ketchup and runny yoke from the egg!” – Anon

The Bullwinkle Burger

“It was cooked to perfection. You can overcook moose, but no way, they know how to cook a moose burger. The flavours all fitted so well together. Absolutely just delicious.”

“They should win simply for choosing moose as the meat. And, because it was awesome as a hangover cure! Recommended, because where the frig else you gonna get a moose burger in this town?” – Anon

The Notorious PIG Mac

“A burger with a name like that, I just had to try it. Chinched won the first burger challenge, and here they go again!” – Anon

“Chinched Bistro never disappoints! It is worth savouring every bite and licking every finger.”

Local Lamb & Pakora Burger

“I had to come back for another two days later!!!! Deadly!!” – Anon

“Who knew this place even existed? It’s awesome. killer vibe, killer drinks, and of course, killer burger. Their burger description jumped out the most to me, so own I went, and it totally lives up.” – Anon

Local Beef Burger

“Well, that was f@cking delicious, wasn’t it? Deadly fries too. Only tried 2 so far, but this the leader so far.” – anon.

“Fifth ticket was the fifth one we tried. It’s worth a million bucks, like David Primmer’s lottery ticket itself!” – Anon

The Kickin’ Chicken Burger

“I’ll never be able to eat a Big Mary and rejoice ever again. So tasty, so crispy, truly finger-lickin’ good.” – Anon

“Yeah, I hope it stays on the menu. The sheer, unique joy of a good chicken burger like this is its own sweet pleasure.”

The Merchant Burger

“I like how they didn’t go all fancy with it. They made a real take-out burger, taste really f*cking good. No frills, all flavour. They dressed up the American takeout burger in fine form.” – Anon

“Better experience than losing my virginity.” – Anon

La Dolce Vita Burger

“A pizza joint making killer burgers, what’s going on? This was delicious, seriously jam packed with primo tastes. The spice flavours of this one lingered in my delighted mouth.” – Anon

“Do they have to stop selling this when the battle is over?!” – Anon

The Beefington Burger

“You know, I was guilty of thinking they were out of their league in this battle, but I friggen loved this burger!” – Anon

“So juicy and full of taste…reminds me of nan’s :)” – Anon

House Porchetta on Turkish Bread

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” – Anon

“I would not be reluctant about ordering another before the 28th.”

Wagyu Burger with Seto Sauce

“Worth every penny. All three thousand of them. I can’t even deal with how god this burger was. This was my first time at Seto, as I was looking for a reason to go see what all the hype was about, and boy do they live up to it.” – Anon

“Friggen divine.” – Anon

Jiggs Burger

“Best restaurant in town. Best burger in the challenge.” – anon

“Damn delicious way of bringing back the mustard pickle!” – Anon

House Beef on Buttermilk Buns

“It’s all about that bun, baby. And that bacon jam. And that perfectly fried egg …” – Anon.

“Amazing ! Soooo good!! It had a little bit of everything , egg, bacon , onion ring !! And to top it all of it was on a homemade biscuit! Like a big tea bun that mudder would make!” – Anon

Spiced Pork Sausage & Belly Burger

“Oh My God, Yes! It’s as good as their beer!” – Anon

“Had my first one today, about four hours ago. I’m not even over it yet. Hands down, one of the best burgers of my life so far. It’s f*cking magical.” – Anon