“I have lived in 3 Canadian capital cities, and this is the one I love the most, despite one baffling and glaring issue that grate my nerves. The rumour mill here is often all lies or exaggerated conclusions, bought and sold, and it speaks to a bitter nature. You have a disconcerting jealousy, envy, and naive speculation of your peers. You do not verify rumours and believe what you’re told. It’s not fair to your peers: think for yourself, b’y. I’ve been at parties where someone will say “Oh, Derrick Derrickson is coming? I hate him, he’s such a conceited asshole!” and someone else will say “Oh really, I’ve always thought he was a sweetheart, hmm.” Well, maybe he is, like, for god’s sake, trust your own opinion! I’ve watched a few rumours or exaggerated presumptions spread in this town, and that unfairly changes public opinion in this town on not only people, but restaurants, media outlets, bands, you name it.” – Here to Stay CFA