We often discuss and share our ideas about local bands and their songs here at The Overcast. But we’ve never reached out to children and asked them to talk about their thoughts on music and the local scene. So, we did!

Oliver, Maggie and Hugo are three St. John’s kiddos who hang out together, with me, Monday to Friday. I chose three local songs that they hadn’t heard before, (giving them no information about the band or song) and asked them some questions about what they thought after listening.

First up – St. John’s only improv jazz-rock outfit, Big Space. I chose“Little Tune (Across The Universe).” All three children agreed that this was a happy song, and that it felt warm, not cold.

JoJo: So guys, what colour is this song?
Oliver: Red
Hugo: Yellow
Maggie: Yellow, red and orange

J: And what do you think about it?
H: It sounds like newspaper. And numbers.
M: It made me think of my Mom and Dad and love.
O: That song made me think about someone who was carrying a brick that was too heavy and he lifted his hands like this and then it slided on my head off his hands.

J: What did you see when you closed your eyes and listened?
M: Star Wars.
O: I saw a sky full of rockets.
H: Snowy owls flying around.

Next up, Dame Nature, with a tune off of their brand new debut, Old Beginnings. As soon as this one started, all three kiddos began to dance and drum on their seats. It was unanimous that this was a ‘yellow’ song.

J: What does this song make you want to do?
O: Play with ducks and other birds and have a party.
H: Dance!
M: It makes me think of Halloween and dressing up.

J: What’s your favourite part about this song?
O: I like the drums
H: Yeah, I like the drums in there.
M: I like the bass.

J: What do you think this song is about?
O: I think it’s about birds.
H: It’s about drums!
M: It’s about colours.

Photo Last but not least, also known for her slick sticks behind the drum kit, the three amigos lay and listened to Scrambled Meggz. The song was, ‘Let’s Go Get Lost’ off of her album of the same name.


J: And what colour is this song, guys?
O: green
H: dark blue/ green
M: red

J: What does this song make you want to do?
O: Play with stuffies.
H: Climb to the ceiling and jump into pillows.
M: Play with little bears

J: What does this song feel like?
H: It feels like going on a lion.
M: This song feels like riding a horse.
O: Like me being a kitty cat and feeling the long grass.