“After a few pints, a grilled cheese can look mighty tempting,” says Oh My Cheeses’ owner Lisa LeShane. This summer, you can find both at Port Rexton Brewing Co.., thanks to a partnership between the food trailer and the brewery.

OMC’s Lisa LeShane has been slinging grilled cheeses since 2014 at the St. John’s Farmer’s Market, but after consistently selling out, she figured they’d try some other locations.

“My brother joked that I should start a food truck,” says LeShane. “Myself and  my partner [Matthew Howse] laughed, but then realized he was on to something.” After talking with close friends and business owners, the duo decided  to head out to the Bonavista Peninsula.  “So, then I put together a business plan and figured I’d run with it until someone told me it was a bad idea.  Now, we own a food trailer.”

LeShane picked up the basics of food service while working at Fixed Coffee and Baking, from food safety to baking, and eventually went through Service NL to get a license to sell sandwiches.

“We were out there [in Port Rexton] for a weekend in April, and we were a bit shocked by how busy the area was,” says LeShane. “We just came back from our second  trip and had a great weekend … To me, it seemed logical to want to go to an area that has so many businesses that complement each other.”

For Sonja Mills and Alicia MacDonald of Port Rexton Brewing Co., the feeling is mutual. “One of our biggest suggestions from last year was to offer food at the brewery taproom,” says Mills.

“We knew that we didn’t have the space, resources, time or skills to take that on…Fortunately, Lisa and Matt of  Oh My Cheeses approached  us with the idea of setting up a food truck at the brewery to sell their amazing gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. We couldn’t have been more stoked!”

OMC now has over 25 sandwiches in rotation, depending on the season. Port Rexton Brewing  is happy to help you decide. For the Saucy Brudder (5 Brothers Secret Gallows + Sriracha Mayo + Bacon + Caramelized Onion), they suggest the Horse Chops IPA.

With the Gull Island (Partridgeberry + Brie) and Cupids (Blueberry Balsamic Jam + Old Cheddar), they suggest the Chasing Sun New England IPA. “The fruitiness from the hops of the Chasing Sun is a nice complement to the berries and the slight bitterness from the hop work well with the creaminess of the brie!” Mills says.

As for the Port Rexton Special (5 Brothers T-Rex Porter Cheddar + Jewish Deli Pickle + Roasted Garlic), they recommend the T-Rex Porter. “It’ll work nicely with the bite of the pickle and, heck, it’s already in the cheese!”

Oh My Cheeses will be in Port Rexton on weekends in June, most of the weeks in July and August, and back to weekends in September and October.