You love the freelance lifestyle — PJs ’til noon and working from a couch, not a cubicle — but sometimes you wonder where the money is coming from to pay the next round of bills, right? Come aboard with us for a reliable $400 a month …

The job is laying out each month’s issue in InDesign, and occasionally designing a basic ad for an advertiser. A real keener will also be a sounding board the paper’s plans, ideas, covershoots, etc.

The editor will send you the bulk of content for a forthcoming issue on the 20th of a month, and the rest as it trickles in. Your challenge is to deliver a finished PDF product 7 or 8 days later. Set your own hours, use our office or work from home, just deliver a final product as clean and pristine as your predecessor’s work. (Click here for an archive of our print issues.) You’ll be given an external hard drive with all our previous designer’s files on it.

Send your job applications to AND by April 21st, 2016.