Weigh In: Best of NL 2017 Polls Now Open!


Help us recognize your favourite restaurants, praise your favourite places, and acknowledge your favourite faces, from the best brunch spot in town to the best new band.

Our December issue will close out 2017 with our special, semi-themed People’s Choice Awards issue. We can’t do it without your two cents. Cast votes in one category, or all of them. Answer 1 question per poll, or every single one of them.


1.) Click on the line below  the picture in each question, to type in your answer on this line, and press the submit button to submit your answer. You will then be taken to another question.

2.) To skip a question, click “Submit” without inputting an answer, or type “Pass” as your answer for the question.

The Polls:


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  1. I love your peoples’ choice initiatives but I do think calling it “Best of NL” is a bit of an issue given the concentration of your circulation and readership in St. John’s – good provincial representation would take huge effort. I suspect this will quickly become a “Best of St. John’s and bay establishments frequented by townies,” though a “Best of St. John’s” or “Best of the Avalon” would be completely valid on its own.

  2. Agreed. But when we call it “Best of St. John’s” we get comments we’re excluding the rest of the province. So doing Best of NL over St. John’s seems the best of the two options, as its the best attempt at inclusivity? Job to say.

  3. Just the once. subsequent votes from same device are auto-deleted to ensure one enthusiastic voter isn’t swaying results

  4. There should be response options provided and room for people to choose an alternative if desired. You would get more responses that way.

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