The second bout of the 709 Derby Girls 2014 Season is taking place Saturday, June 14th, at The Glacier in Mount Pearl. 2013 Season Champions The Neversweets will be taking on The Rolling Blackouts for the first time. Details are in the image above, but you can find more info at, and find your tickets at the door, The Glacier, Rosie the Rebel Boutique, or West49 at The Avalon Mall.

OR YOU COULD WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS. All these derby girls have awesome-witty names. Below is a selected sweet 16 sample. To be entered to win these tickets, simply comment below, stating your favourite name (name, not the actual derby player). We can see the email addresses of people commenting, and that’s how we’ll reach you.

Dolly DestroyHer
Lady McDeath
Slam U. Elle Jackson
Smaxx Payne
Shreddy Kruger
Ice Cream Slamwich
Fierce Buellah
Maximum KimPact
Mikki Malevolent
Payne Gretzky
Mary Pile’r Moore
Agent Darkbootie
Hammerhead Sharkey
Lil Red Deadlihood
Rigor Morris