Watch This Wonderful Video on One of the Nicest Spots in Our City

Fixed Coffee and Baking is one of the best spots downtown St. John’s has to offer, and is a serious contender for the best coffee in town, as well as the best quick meal in town — Fixed do a lot of things right, including their very own house-made bagels, house-cured gravlax salmon, and a menu that’s all-to-rare in St. John’s (tapa plates, dip plates, delicious bagel sandwiches, homegrown soups with ingredients from Lester’s farm). As is the case with the origin of most great businesses, co-owner Greg Hewlett says opening Fixed was “about opening the shop that we wanted to go to, more than anything, you know? Just creating that place.”  .

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  • The article is#n;8217&t boring, Ippolit. The stunt is boring, and your comment is inane.You better get back to work now. That fryer isn’t gonna clean itself.

    • Honest mistake, Jamie 😉 If we didn’t support local culture, we wouldn’t have launched this website or made this post. Creative by Culture: They’re doing a terrific job. Check out the one they did with Mohamed Ali’s, too.

  • What a wonderful video! Who made it?? I can’t see any mention of credits or any link to the creators…? Fixed 4 life!

    • Credits are at the end of the film, and in the link, but you’re right, Should’ve given the nod to Creative by Culture. They’re doing great work!

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