The Once’s latest song was a co-write with a Claudia Melendy — not a bad first foray into the music industry for a kid!

Like many Newfoundlanders, Claudia loves music. She has Dravet syndrome, a rare genetic condition and complicated epilepsy disorder involving seizures and other cognitive and motor challenges.

When Claudia’s father heard that Easter Seals was trying to build an inclusive park in St. John’s, he started a fundraiser to help. Harvey’s Home Heating were so “warmed” by their client’s efforts, and Claudia’s love of music, they set a dream in motion for her.

When Claudia and her parents came by Easter Seals one day, Harvey’s had a special surprise waiting for them: The Once were there to help create a song in Claudia’s honour. And all proceeds from their song will go to Easter Seals, and the building of that much needed inclusive park.

The song, “Warm Like Me,” is fabulous, one of their best, and is about how Claudia communicates and shares her warmth with the world through music. It is available for a limited time on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon. So listen to your warmed heart and go and buy a copy.

“Thanks to the Melendys for letting us get so close to something that is very precious to them,” Phil Churchill said of working with Claudia, “and to allow a couple of strangers to come in and try and sing and speak for her.”

“We were thrilled to take part in this initiative, to meet Claudia and the Melendy family,” says Geraldine Hollett. “We really want to have an impact on the playground project, so we’re driving sales of the song any way we can.”