September 26th you get to have a say in the council who runs your city. But only if you’re registered to vote. Do not assume you’re registered to vote.

For the upcoming municipal election, The City will be using the list of voters established and maintained by Elections NL. St. John’s is using a vote-by-mail system this year, and to make sure you get a vote-by-mail-kit in time to vote, you need to make sure you’re registered on that Elections NL list.

To check the voter’s list and see if you’re already registered, and to make sure they have the right address for your voter kit:

♦ Visit and go to the Municipal Election page under City Hall, and click Voter Registration. (or just click here). Punch in your name, birth date, and address, and it will tell you A.) You’re in the system and all set, or B.) What you need to do to register to vote. Note: While punching in your address, let auto-fill do its thing, as it is finicky, and prefers abbreviations.

♦ Alternatively, you can call the Access St. John’s Service Centre at 311 or 754‐2489, or drop in to
the Service Centre, first floor City Hall, 10 New Gower Street.

Do not assume you’re on the list because you voted before. The author of this article has voted before, and receives mail and tax bills from the city, but was not on the list. Make sure you’re registered, make sure your friends and family are, and make sure you’re well-read enough on the candidates to cast an informed vote on who you want representing, changing, and influencing the city you live in.

The city will update its website with more information on the election and candidates before the election, and The Overcast’s September cover story will be a who’s who guide to candidates as well.