Icelandic duo Hawk Hauksson and Adele Sigurthorsdottir have opened the freshest addition to the east end of town with Volcano Icelandic Bakery.

What makes it Icelandic? Culinary adventurers may be disappointed that the national dish of Iceland — hákarl (fermented shark meat) — is not on the menu. However, what is on offer is a bounty of baked goods, in the Scandinavian style.

“Pastries, breads, sandwiches for lunch…” says Sigurthorsdottir. “All of Scandanavia has similar bakeries. We wanted to bring something different here.”

Patrons can check out Hauksson’s handiwork as he bakes in the open-concept kitchen, behind the counter. The baker has run three bakeries over the past 18 years, but this is Hauksson & Sigurthorsdottir’s first since moving to the province in 2013.

“Everything is fresh  and baked the same day,” says Sigurthorsdottir. “I think that is important.”

Volcano Bakery specializes in sugar-free breads, and their stock will increase in the coming days, along with new and different bread products in the future.

As for the pastries, there’s a long, glass display case filled with enough familiar (and unfamiliar) favourites to keep people coming back.

“Everybody knows a Danish pastry,” says Sigurthorsdottir, who notes that Hauksson learned his trade in Denmark. “Ours are special… and our cinnamon buns. They’re bigger.”

Volcano Bakery is now open at 447 Newfoundland Drive, 7am-7pm daily