“People on here complain about microaggressions and other first world problems but Newfoundlanders should be protesting in front of the Confederation building, Eastern Health and Labrador-Grenfell Health as a lynch mob for the collective ineptitude “running” this place (into the ground). How can LG-Health terminate a rural doctor without cause, fully knowing that it will be years before they can replace him? Kill your local politicians. They’ve done nothing for any of us except for taxation without representation.” – ANON

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  • “How can LG-Health terminate a rural doctor without cause, fully knowing that it will be years before they can replace him? ”

    I fully agree with this part of your statement.

    • Regarding health care – I’m just being introduced into that system now.

      I am 13 years into the journey with my Mother and Father that is Alzheimer’s Disease. Both in their mid-80s, the road has been long and fulfilling, but it has also been very difficult at times – sadly, sometimes needlessly so.

      My Mom is now in the final stage of the disease and requires round the clock care. My Dad has been determined to care for her in their home, even though he has his own health issues including a heart condition, mini-strokes (TIAs), a hernia for the last 4 years, and most recently the onset of panic attacks. Despite (& through) their pain, they are each other’s “ride or die” – he now cares both for her disabled body, but most importantly, about her spirit and well-being.

      Under all these circumstances, my Dad finally agreed to the arrangement of some external supports. We’ve had an assessment done so that she has an open file within the system and I am in the process of arranging some Home Care support for both of them.

      Our relationship to each other has not always run smoothly, but I take comfort in the fact that I have done my very best to contribute to their spiritual lives and well-being when I was able. It has given me the opportunity to make my peace with both of them, so no matter what is to come, I feel very blessed for that!

  • What do YOU need a government for, and what have they done for YOU lately? Hint: roads, education and healthcare can be privately sourced at higher quality for less money. Government are nothing but leeches on the rest of us who actually work and the social welfare state is the reason why one in six Newfoundlanders can’t be bothered to work.

    • Ah, libertarianism… for those of you who miss the good old days when bitching about the speed limit and indoor smoking laws still made you a badass.

      • Haiku traditionally focuses on details of one’s environment that relate to the human condition. Think of a haiku as a meditation of sorts that conveys an objective image or feeling without employing subjective judgment and analysis. When you see or notice something that makes you want to say to others, “Look at that,” the experience may well be suitable for a haiku.

      • For You For Me For Whomever
        I Love My Mother and My Father
        They Love Their Son and Their Daughter

        (Cut – make an opening, incision, or wound in (something) with a sharp-edged tool or object: synonyms: gash · slash · lacerate · sever · slit · pierce · penetrate · wound · injure · scratch · graze · nick · incise · score · lance)
        (Piece – a portion of an object or of material, produced by cutting, tearing, or breaking the whole)

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