With their video series [Unseen], filmmakers Rodrigo Iniguez & Conor McCann have put together short glimpses into the lives and experiences of new Canadians living in Newfoundland. “In short,” says Iniguez, “our series hopes to highlight and celebrate our different experiences and our shared home.” 

Pavlo – Ukraine

In this video, Pavlo is brought to tears by his homesickness; he hasn’t seen his mother in four years, and feels guilty about all the things he has now that he’s here in Canada.

Chantel – Bermuda

Chantel shares the shock of leaving her culturally diverse island and arriving on ours – a province of predominantly Caucasian people. It was the first time she felt different simply for how she looks, and the all-white group of students at her school’s meet’n’greet  didn’t help.

Her new friends tried to bond with her “Through me being black, instead of trying to get to know me for me … I’m Chantel, I’m not just black.”

Sam – Tanzania

Meet Sam, who brings his positive energy to NL in the memory of his late brother Andrew, whose profound joy and kindness made him “the embodiment of a perfect human being.”