The man who brought the RPM Challenge to NL is launching a similar endeavour this June, with The Stand Up Challenge. The challenge is simple: create, rehearse, and then perform a five-minute set of stand-up comedy.

Like the RPM CHallenge, where locals make an album of original music in February just for the sense of accomplishment, the Stand-up Challenge is not a competition; it’s just for fun, and to help make June feel a little different than May and July.

In exchange, you get feedback from experienced comics in the audience, and a shot at qualifying to perform at the grand finale in July. It’s free to sign up, and beginners, amateurs, and professionals are all welcome, making it a chance to try stand-up out in a low-stress environment, while others do the same, or, it’s a way to start taking your humour more seriously.

If you’re a pro, why not use this as a way to step outside of your go-to comfort zone and try something completely different? Local musicians do this with the RPM Challenge: some great hip hop has emerged from local folk and rock musicians, for instance. 

If you’re feeling interested but apprehensive A.) Don’t be silly, so are all your cohorts – you’re in it together, that’s half the fun! and B.) why not attend some of their workshops, like “The math of a Joke” or “Bombing with Dignity.” Register and read more at

The Stand Up Challenge Open Mics will happen weekly in June, and the amazing workshop and feedback opportunities will come courtesy of names like Sue Kent, Matt Wright, Jonny Harris, Amanda Bulman, Sarah Walsh, Dave Sullivan, Mike Fardy and more. Including Snook himself.