“On Nov 27th, I’m hosting a really special show at The Rocket Room in St. John’s,” says Ian Foster. “Tickets are $18 at the door, but you can save a few bucks and let us know you’re coming in advance by purchasing at Fred’s Records,The Rocket Bakery, or on my website through Paypal for $15 a ticket.”

Every Thursday for the last three weeks, The Overcast has posted a video of all three performers doing a song, with their cohorts sitting in on it.

“Back in dark ages of the mid-2000s, I ran a music series called Uncharted Music,” says Foster. “It happened in places like Roxxy’s (The Levee now), The Rose and Thistle, and The Ship, and was my attempt at creating a concert for songwriters and a place where people could go hear music they might not know.”

“That series featured a lot of incredible NL artists, from newcomers to the scene who have grown to be key artists day (artists like Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta!) to veterans like Dennis Parker, and the late Peter Narvaez.”

Foster says the artists who played the series were amazed by the pin-drop silence in the bar, and enjoyed playing to such an attentive and responsive an audience.

“It was special. Playing for those early audiences made me a better performer, and ultimately made me a better a songwriter: when you know people are listening to the words, you write better words. When you know people care about your stories, you tell better stories.”

He’s bring back the series for a one-off show on November 27th, with the following lineup:

“DENIS PARKER has recently retired from the Executive Director job at MusicNL, and it’s safe to say he built that association from the ground up. His retirement isn’t a sad one though, as he releases a brand new album with his band The Modern Saints just a week before this show, and will perform a special set of his new songs for us.

KAT MCLEVEY is one of the artists Uncharted WOULD have hosted back in the mid-2000s if she’d been around at the time. A rising star of Newfoundland music, she has been wowing audiences with her intimate and insightful lyricism and a voice beyond her years. I had the privilege of producing Kat’s debut, the Drifter EP that was released earlier this year.

And then there’s me – your host for the evening. It has been a pretty amazing year thus far, with the release of my new album, The Great Wave in June. It’s an album full of songs that have stories, which I either personally experienced or had told to me by people during my touring travels over the last three years in Canada and Europe. It’s an album that mid-2000s Ian would have wanted to present in a listening room, just as I do now.”


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