“Hi there. I’m a 31 year old tourist just trying to enjoy your town. Day 1: My Air BnB host was attractive, yes, but utterly inappropriate with the flirting to the point of, ‘if you need some company later, you have my number, *winkyface*.’ Is there hidden cams in here creepazoid? Lol. At least there was a copy of The Overcast and I found The Bullhorn! Night 2, I dip into your local Tinder offerings, and what a hellhole that is, unless you’re in the market for some very desperate and forward men being clear they just want your body, and hey, here’s some pics of my junk. Night 3: I’m at one of your nicer restaurants, and this man is treating the waitress like he owns her and can say inappropriate things like she’s not doing a job of serving food, but rather, of letting him get his rocks off. Just, in general, a lack of respect for women here, or at least, a lack of grace in interacting with them. That doesn’t turn a gal on. Sorry. Nice puffins and street names though!” – From Maine with Love