Perhaps best known as an album credit, for recording half of the albums coming out of St. John’s, or as the soundguy at The Levee, Georgie Newman records his own music from time to time, and it always tends to be original, interesting, and electronic-leaning stuff. All three adjectives could be applied to his newest musical endeavour.

His latest batch of recorded music is in the works, and will appear under the moniker of g V g; a name he says is “a boolean logic expression, pronounced ‘g’ ‘OR’ ‘g’. Which is phonetically similar to Georgie. I know, cute right?”

For Georgie, “Inclusive Disjunction is somewhat of a foundation and recurring theme for the new material,” material which will occasionally put the little known vocoder to use. In his own words, “a vocoder is a vocal encoder. A device to encode a vocal performance into carrier signal or synth. Vocal encryption. Vocal phrasing and timing are left intact but the human waveform is replaced with a synth which I can perform lines and chords with.”

He says “I guess like most of us, I fell in love with the device way back after hearing Daft Punk for the first time.” So far, you’ll hear it on at least 2 of the album’s tracks. Including the cover song above.

“The new album is shaping up to be quite downtempo, dark synth pop. Trip hop meets LCD Soundsystem maybe?” The album, Two Worlds Collide, is taken from that cover of INXS’s “Never Tear us Apart.”

Half of the work has been tracked, and he says he’ll have the work ready to release “for the coldest months of Winter 2017.”