“Bahamas” by Sleepy 

When a drunk man is evicted from Len O’neill’s Jiffy on his way to work, and is promptly fired, the next move is obvious: go to the Bahamas … except the Bahamas is The Levee. And it’s full of muppets. In short, the video is as successfully fun as the song. It’s a great video, even the closing credits.

YAR Record’s Nathan Day credits Nora Barker for the idea – Nora is a musician herself, most recently of the band Lean on Leon (LOL) featuring sister Joanna Barker and Allie Duff. Conveniently, Nora knew someone who had muppets and knew how to use them: Caitlin Bolduc-Whelan can be thanked for the closing scene, with Miss Piggy making out with the band.

The video was produced by Nathan Day, Nora Barker, Caitlin-Buldoc Whalen, Russell Cochrane, Anna Swain and Graham Hunt as part of their diploma in Performance and Communications Media at MUN

The video features some of town’s favourite spots, from Georgestown Bakery to Bannerman. Check it Out:

[kad_vimeo url=”https://vimeo.com/148170275″ ]

“The Reckoning” by Lady Brett Ashley (Heather Nolan)

This next video doesn’t need a script; it showcases a band of friends having a blast in some of the province’s most beautiful nooks during their west coast tour this month.

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H3TJVLcVz8&feature=youtu.be” ]