Two More Meal Options for MUN!

One of them is a downtown delight for food on the fly and the other is Canada’s fast food claim to fame.

What to eat for lunch, or for supper after a crazy organic chemistry lab, can sometimes feel as serious of a decision as what to major in.

Luckily for MUN students, staff, and visitors, MUN’s food courts have courted two new vendors: one of them is a downtown delight for food on the fly (Mustang Sally’s) and the other is Canada’s fast food claim to fame: Tim Horton’s.

Mustang Sally’s will saddle up in the University Centre food court. And Tim Horton’s will kick out coffees from a kiosk in The Arts building (lower atrium). The Tim’s kiosk will be an “express kiosk,” meaning they won’t have the full suite of drinks and food, but hey, Boston Crèmes, chili, and double double roll-up-the-rims for all.

Mustang Sally’s is actually owned by two MUN alumni, so, how fitting. They serve wraps, quesadillas, nachos, stir-frys, pizzas, and salads, all custom-made to order, Subway style, as you point and choose toppings a safe distance away from their famously flaming grill. Their sauce list is longer than a First Year English waitlist, and they can serve vegetarians and vegans as heartily as they can carnivores or the gluten-free. There’s even halal and dairy-free options.

Both Mustangs and Tim’s are coming to the university thanks to good old fashioned demand. In this case, for more variety on campus. When a selection committee was assembled to decide on what would fill a vacancy in the UC Food court, they consulted a food survey administered by the university in April 2016.

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  • Given the egalitarian nature of most university students I have always been surprised that there hasn’t been a push to create a non-profit cafeteria on campus, perhaps a shared project between business students and the aspiring cooks from CONA. I know that when I was a student I brown bagged my lunch because I couldn’t afford fast food, let alone Mustang Sally’s. I assume that setting up such a project would cause problems with the businesses who have contracts to operate on campus, but I’m still surprised that it hasn’t been tried.

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