Landwash Brewery opened in Mt. Pearl this week (181 Commonwealth Ave.), and Saucy Mouth Food Truck — runner-up for Best New Restaurant 2018 — needed somewhere to park inside for the winter. What a match: good food, good beer, and a double dose of reasons to pop into the Pearl if you haven’t been in in a while.

Check back on later the week for an article on Landwash Brewery itself. Their owners have an impressive backround in beer. Landwash has launched with a New England IPA, a sour, a blonde, and a breakfast stout. They’re going for contemporary takes on classic beer styles.

Brad Gover, co-owner of Saucy Mouth, was trying to figure out a way to generate revenue and operate the truck through the winter season. “There are many challenges to operating a food truck in any season, but Newfoundland winter doesn’t cut you any slack”, says Gover.

So he and co-owner Allyson Howse put their thinking caps on, about how to make their food truck as hot a hit in the winter as it was in the summer. Parking it in the newest brewery in Greater St. John’s was a pretty genius idea.  Good beer + their famed fare, in Mt. Pearl, a place not saturated with great food spots, will keep their cash resister ringing, without a doubt.

“Food and beer are a natural paring,” says Chris Conway, co-owner and general manager of Landwash Brewery, “and we’re excited to have found an innovative and exciting way to partner with an amazing local business to bring that to our customers. A food truck inside a brewery has been a dream of mine for a while now, and the possibilities for tasty snacks, full meals, and beer paring dinners are something exciting and new that hasn’t been done here before!”

A food truck parked inside a brewery is certainly a first for the province. The partnership credits the City of Mt. Pearl for that.

“We welcome and encourage innovation, craft, and new ideas in our business community” said Mayor Dave Aker, City of Mount Pearl. “It’s creative projects like these that continue to make our city a great place to live, work, and do business”

Saucy Mouth will be open for business in Landwash “before the holidays.”