In 2018, kids chowed down on Tide Pods for the bizarre Tide Pod Challenge. What trends do we have waiting for us in 2019? According to Pinterest, some of these things:

Food Trends: Matcha, Ginger, and Elderberry

With the Avacado buzz burning out, and Cauliflower as a substitute for everything coming to a close (what, you didn’t have “Cauliflower Wings”  or cauliflower pizza crust in 2018?), it’s time to move on to a new favourite food.

Pinterest is predicting Matcha (green tea powder) and elderberry to be big in the new year. Fresh ginger, as both an ingredient in meals and as an oil with health benefits, will also get its time in the spotlight in 2019.

Mega Food Trend: Mushrooms

Pinterest predicts 2019 will be the year of mushrooms in everything. If so, Newfoundland Distillery Co. is ahead of the trend: they released their newest spirit, Chaga Rum, in December of 2018. “Mushrooms could pop up in everything from coffee to chocolate bars” according to Pinterest.

Lifestyle Trend: Sober Living

Pinterest searches are up 746%.

Hobby Trend: The Side Hustle

I guess we’re all broke, because it’s a sad time in history when “making more money” becomes our forecasted hobby for the coming year. Luckily they’re implying it’s more about monetizing interests, from DJ-ing to online tutoring.

Diet Trend: Pegan

The Paleo Diet has had some lasting power (basically, eating what cavemen ate, or stuff you’d find in the wild, no processed foods, etc). Veganism has also been on the rise. In 2019, they’ll merge, for a new class of consumers, known as Pegans. Pegan is already up by 337% in Pinterest searches.

Weird New Overblown Social Norm Trend: Godparent Proposals

Direct quote, “Godparent proposals are the new gender reveal parties for 2019.”

2019’s “Alternative Milk” Trend: Oats

“As for the ever-evolving dairy aisle,” Pinterest says, “oat milk is the new almond milk, with searches up 186%.”

Home Trends: Wild Walls

“In 2019, that home will look bold,” Pinterest tells us. “Bright pops of wall colour, whether it’s paint or wallpaper, are on the rise. Adding colour by painting parquet floors also saw a huge surge, with searches up 1276%. Textured walls are also big, including yarn and fabric walls (up 1718%) and retro tin walls (up 563%). In 2019, green will dominate, with searches for vertical gardens rising 287%, and cactus arrangements up 287%.”

Male Fashion Trends: Return of Some Classics

Much to the dismay of those who never gave up on things like corduroy, light denim washes, or wrist watches in this digital world, they’re all set to make a comeback in 2019. That includes corduroy blazers, not just pants. Also for haircuts: French Crop Cuts.

Female Fashion Trends: Biker Shorts & Statement Sneakers

According to Pinterest, “Biker shorts are back, with searches for the 1990s staple up 1323%.” But blowing even that whopping figure out of the water will be statement sneakers, whose searches are up by 2211%. Also: Robe silhouettes, to complement predictions 2019 will be all about cozy, natural looks, in terms of both clothing and makeup trends.

3 more 2019 trends at Random:

Gold Wedding Dresses
Hair dyed Lilac
Rio de Janerio (Brazil), as the trendy vacation spot