The Provincial Government was joined by representatives from the Federal Government and the Town of Paradise last Friday, to announce 2.8 million in funding upgrades to widen Topsail Road (Route 60) to improve driving conditions, and reduce traffic congestion.

Topsail Road is a major arterial that connects CBS and Mt. Pearl to St. John’s, and runs clean through Paradise; it sees an average of 13,500 cars a day. It will soon be widened from two to four lanes between Christopher Street and St. Thomas Line.

“Residents of a number of municipalities in the region are benefiting from the widening improvements that have been made to this portion of Topsail Road,” says Eddie Joyce, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment. “Government is working to assist communities in expanding shared services and improving regional infrastructure.”

Ken McDonald, Member of Parliament for Newfoundland and Labrador, says it’s about more than convenience, “Traffic congestion and gridlock costs Canada’s economy billions of dollars in lost productivity each year, damages our environment, and makes it harder for people to get to work and for families to spend time together. These improvements will help people move in and through the Town of Paradise while improving the safety of commercial drivers, motorists and pedestrians alike.”