Alternative blues rock band July Talk will take the stage at The Rockhouse on the 21st, for their highly anticipated second appearance in the St. John’s.

That’s right – this will be the second time the Toronto-based band has performed in St. John’s. The five-piece, consisting of singers Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay, guitarist Ian Docherty, drummer Danny Miles and bassist Josh Warburton, opened for Barenaked Ladies at George Street Festival 2013.

The then-lesser-known band (at least, around these parts) was just one year old in 2013. One year later, July Talk took the stage at the 2014 Juno Awards, where they were nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for the young band and they’re excited to get back to The Rock as a headlining act. Singer Leah Fay gushed about the province in a way that can only be described as fanatic.

“I really really really love Newfoundland and I wish that it was just slightly closer, slightly easier to get to, because I would be there all the time and we would be playing shows there all the time,” Fay said, unknowingly melting salty hearts island-wide.

“We spent one or two nights in St. John’s and I had rented a cottage near Ferryland, so I got to stay there for a week and take in the ocean, drive around and meet locals. What’s that pub game? Is it Bridge or something? With the pegs?” Fay asked, likely referencing the game of Crib.

“I remember people trying to teach me the game. I also ate a lot of deep fried stuff,” she added with a laugh.

Fay noted that one of her favourite books, This All Happened by Michael Winter, is set in St. John’s. This tidbit of info sent us off into a tangent of connecting degrees of separation.

“Yeah, I know Michael Winter. And his sister, Kathleen (Winter), also a writer. I went to school with her daughter.” Fay blurted out a name. “Yeah, that’s her!” “I don’t know her but she dated one of my really good friends.” Goddamnit, this island rules.

“Any time you have any sort of connection to Newfoundland, the first thing you do is go to your other friend that you know who is from Newfoundland and say ‘Oh hey! I read this book!’ and then it’s like ‘Oh yeah, I know that guy,'” Fay laughed, clearly understanding the inner workings of this isolated rock.

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Leah Kissing a Cod at George Street Fest 2013

Though she won’t be shooting Screech or kissing cod onstage at The Rockhouse, it’s a safe bet to expect a raucous show from Fay and the rest of the band, with all of their biggest hits like Guns + AmmunitionPaper Girl and Summer Dress.

Tickets are still available – surprising, considering the amount of moola Sonic Concerts must have spent to make sure July Talk’s October 21 show popped up in everyone’s Facebook newsfeeds.

Get your tickets at www.etixnow.com/events/july-talk/oct-21-2015/the-rock-house.