Too Shy to Say Hi

“Why is it that I always complain there’s no one in this city to consider dating, then when I see someone interesting … I totally clam up! Even if he looks right at me, makes small talk and smiles. Happened yesterday evening at a free jazz session. Really handsome man, tall, with dark hair, and eyes that actually sparkled when he smiled and chatted with me as he came in to sit near me. And he kept glancing my way. But I might as well still be a geeky teenager instead of a successful attractive middle-aged woman. I avoided looking at him, only sneaking peeks when he wasn’t looking my way. Uggggg!!! Why can’t I just get over my shyness and talk to people I’m interested in.  Oh well. I guess I’m stuck to Rocket coffee dates with myself or with my girlfriends until I grow out of my shyness.” – Curly Haired Shy Girl

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