Tonight’s Rare Summer Solstice “Strawberry Moon” Won’t Happen Again for 46 Years

This hasn't happened since 1967 and won't again for 46 years.

By the time tonight’s rare strawberry moon subsides, it will officially be summer, and conveniently, the weather will have finally warmed up: it’s supposed to average 20 all week, through to Sunday. We haven’t had a good week of weather yet the year, and more notably, we haven’t had a strawberry moon on summer solstice since 1967. And it’ll be 46 more years until it happens again.

“Summer solstice” is the longest day of the year, if we measure a day in hours of sunlight. It’s a basker’s paradise for those of us in NL lacking in vitamin D. “Solstice” translates roughly to “Sun Stands Still.”

The science behind solstice events is too complex for a Monday morning lesson, but the event officially ushers in the summer season, and tonight, for perhaps the only time in your life — and for the first time since 1967 — the summer solstice will be kicked off with a “strawberry moon.”

What’s a strawberry moon? It’s June’s full moon, that for many cultures marks when strawberries are ready for harvesting, (other fruits too). Early native American tribes named it — they measure time by the moon and stars instead of a calculator and calendar — and in fact had names for most every month’s full moon.

Some cultures call June’s full moon a Hot Moon, since it ushers in the hot season; Most European countries call it the Honey Moon, because it’s low in the sky with a warm tint. Don’t expect a red moon tonight, but it may appear larger than normal.

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  • I don’t understand. It says tonight’s strawberry Moon… but at the end it says don’t expect a red moon tonight…..huh

    • The moon is named after strawberry harvesting, and is not a reference to the colour of the moon. Some peopel go out expecting a blood red moon, is all.

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