Tim Baker is best known as the frontman of Hey Rosetta, but a new passion of his is the Inkwell Songwriters series. It’s an intimate evening with 4 songwriters, who showcase their songs and the stories behind them.

The semi-annual event sees the writers “perform their songs alone, stripping back the production to reveal the essence of the song itself, and something of the process that led to its creation.”

Baker has himself performed in several Inkwell events and saw firsthand how engaging they can be. “If you have the right combination of voices, the right quality, the right flow, the night can be truly magic” says Baker.

“As you dive into each writer’s distinct voice, you realize how richly different they all can be, despite the simple instrumentation. It’s like the less that is there, the deeper you’re allowed in, and the more there is to discover. And again, if curated right, which I try very hard to do, it’s definitely a case of the whole becoming more than the sum of the parts.”

The 4th installment, happening June 24th, will include Tim Baker (Hey Rosetta), Sarah Harris (Property, Dame Nature), Mara Pellerin (Wunderstrands, Gramercy Riffs, Hey Rosetta), and Justin Strong. “It will without a doubt be a beautiful and inspiring thing,” Baker promises.

Inkwell 4 will take places June 24th at the George St United Church. Doors at 7, Show at 8. You can pick up your tickets now at Fred’s Records on Duckworth for just $20. Go. Get. Enjoy.