That was one hell of a crowded bar, as far as a Wednesday night festival kick-off show goes, you know, considering the number of poor souls who have to plug in an honest day’s work on weekdays.

Sure, the schedule’s out, but did you know:

1.) The fabulous, long-time supporters of the festival, Fixed Coffee and Baking, are cooking pre-show suppers every night, for FIVE DOLLARS!! It’s true, we wouldn’t lie about something so exciting. 6:30-8.

Thursday night: Steamed Pork Buns
Friday Night: Carnitas Burritos
Saturday Night: Seafood Po Boys
Sunday Night: Duck Flip Pastries

2.) A late addition to the festival’s marketing materials, there will be a panel chat on Friday, at 4, at the Eastern Edge Gallery:

Independent Media Panel:
Justin Brake (The Independent)
Chad Pelley (The Overcast)
Justin Davis (Keep Station Radio)
Hosted by Hans Rollman

Justin Brake is basically the most thorough, genuine journalist in town, and who better to host a panel on independent media than Hans Rollman? So join the conversation about the importance of independent media, who have both the privilege and responsibility to  publish stories they want to publish, versus stories some corporate higher up told them to publish. Hear the perspectives and goals of The Independent, The Overcast, and Keep Station Radio, and hell, tell us what you want from us. We’re all ears.

3.) In addition to the evening shows:

– Keep your eyes and ears peeled for secret pop-up shows, via Lawnya Vawnya’s Facebook page.

– Don’t miss the music crawls: Saturday at noon, show up at Model Citizens on Duckworth, and go for a nice little walk, and get yourself serenaded every so often by Omhouse, Max Marshall, Nick Ryan, Soupcans, Kappa Chow, and Matthew J. Thomson & Daniele Hamel. Do the same thing come Sunday in Quidi Vidi, starting at The Plantation at 2 pm for: Snowblink, Steve Haley, The Bruning Hell.

And then when it’s over, why wouldn’t you go to Mallard Cottage for their every-Sunday Public House from 4-7. Take in their first-rate drink menu, crazy good supper options, and live music from Duane Andrews and Aaron Collis.