swinging belles

Any parent can appreciate the joy of a kid’s event or movie that’s equally enjoyable for the parents, right? Well, there’s a new all-star trio on the town, and they’re playing right into that full-family funtime experience. The Swinging Belles are aiming to create “music and shows that the whole family will enjoy!” The band is 2 parts Dilettantes and one part guitar guru Duane Andrews, and it looks like this:

Laura Winter – Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Percussion
Erin Power- Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Percussion
Duane Andrews – Guitar, Violin, Viola, Bass

“This show is all about getting kids and parents out to have a dance and enjoy some swing country and jazz … kid style,” Erin Says. “Laura and I are both primary school teachers, so we know first hand the joy that kids feel when they can boogie to some good time music, and as parents, Duane and I know the importance of enjoying the music that our kids are listening to!”

Saturday is The Swinging Belles debut show and it’ll be packed with “music, interactive storytelling and dancing … lots of dancing. So saddle up and swing on down for a hoe down that don’t slow down.” The event is taking place at the Rocket Room, Saturday, from 1:30-3. “Kick up your heels and have a swinging good time with the whole family. The Belles will perform from 2-3pm but why not come on down 1:30 for the Belle Hop, a chance to warm up with the musicians and have a little playtime! Tickets are $7 at the door.”