Worldwide, tourism is one of the fastest-growing economic sectors, and Atlantic Canada is no exception. Here in the east of Canada, tourism supports 9,600 businesses and employs 57,000 Atlantic Canadians.

Statistics indicate that the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership (ACTP) is helping to fuel this economic engine of tourism. The ACTP is “a nine-member, pan-Atlantic, international marketing initiative comprised of ACOA, Atlantic Canada’s four tourism industry associations, and the provincial departments responsible for tourism in the 4 Atlantic provinces.”

Through ACTP, all of these entities pool their advertising resources together to do more than any could alone, in promoting Atlantic Canada to markets in the northeastern United States and overseas that would be largely inaccessible individually.

Between 2015-18, the ACTP will have invested $19,950,000 in US and overseas marketing initiatives, and it’s working. Between 2012 and 2014, overnight international arrivals to Atlantic Canada increased by 8.9%, and revenues grew by 15.8%. The US campaign focuses Newfoundland’s culinary and adventure experiences, world-class attractions, festivals, and events.

Right now, The US constitutes NL’s second largest tourism market, and the number of travelers from the United States has been steadily increasing over the past several years. A recent third party analysis found that the ACTP 2012-2015 agreement’s activities generated $164.4 million in revenues for tourism enterprises in Atlantic Canada.

That statistic means that we’re getting a return on investment of $13.55 for every dollar invested in our tourism advertising. Our tourism industry involves approximately 2,500 businesses and an estimated 18,000 jobs.