In  addition to being a travel agency, Flight Network calls itself “Canada’s largest online travel website.” Whatever they are, they know a thing or two about travel in Canada, and recently, painstakingly, they say, they selected and ranked 24 of Canada’s Best Eco-Adventures, 2 of which are in NL.

“Here in Canada, a place rich with both cultural and ecological diversity,” the article reads, “there are an incredible amount of ways for travelers to partake in ecotourism. With that being said, we’ve done you the favour or narrowing down that list to the very best this country has to offer.”

Cape Race Newfoundland Adventure Inc.

Location: St. John’s / Fogo Island / Bonavista, Newfoundland & Labrador
Open season: May 31st – October 31st
Starting prices: $1990 CAD

“What travelers love about tours is the inside knowledge, but it can be hard to have genuine experiences when you’re being shown around rather than exploring for yourself,” the article states. “From this idea, the folks at Cape Race Newfoundland Adventure Inc. decided to devise a travel guide that would escort travelers through the region at their own pace. The guidebook will bring you to locations that locals hold secret and give you the opportunity to engage with the communities you’ll pass in an organic way. The focus on eco and experiential tourism is what makes this tour truly unique and an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.”

Tuckamore Discoveries

Location: Bonavista
Open season: May 15 – August 31
Starting prices: $60 CAD

“With a biologist as your tour guide, Tuckamore Discoveries will take you out into the wilderness to see and learn about the local puffin population,” the article explains. “You’ll start out in Bonavista, and hike to a remote area where these animals roam so you can get as close as possible while being respectful to their habitat. It’s an incredible experience only local experts could bring you out on.”