There Can Be No Justice without Peace

“I recently read in the The Overcast that the responsibility for social justice and change lays squarely on the people, not on the systems they are part of. The continual evidence regarding the failure of the Justice System to protect woman who are the victims of various forms of abuse is the most recent example that comes to mind. This kind of impunity bestows upon all of us the right and the responsibility to raise our voices in protest when injustice prevails?

There is a beautiful elegance to Martin Luther King Jr’s words: “There can be no justice without peace and there can be no peace without justice”.

What can be difficult to put into action is how we actually own our responsibility for the social justice and change we purport to champion and support. Not just for the few, but for the many. Sometimes the solutions have to be hard-won, other times, they can be beautifully simple.” – There Can Be No Peace without Justice

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  • How are women suppose to get a fair shake in the criminal court system when this is the kind of legalese that I read about regarding a civil court case:

    The defendant denies the existence of the said promissory notes (and) the existence of the said loans, and in the alternative if they are found by this honourable court to exist, denies that he is in breach or failed to make payments as alleged.

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