There Are 2 Kinds of People in this World: A BMW Driver and Everyone Else

“A co-worker of mine was recently charged $1200 dollars for her own stupidity. This is something evident about her, as all men and women who work with her would agree. There’s nothing surprising about that. What is NOT surprising, but sad, was that she was rear-ended by someone in a BMW who, taking advantage of my co-worker’s evident lack of foresight on most matters, told her it was in her best interests to pass along her information to the BMW occupant and let her (driving a BMW, so she obviously got shit figured out) take care of it. A few days later, my abbreviated but wholesome friend confessed to being charged for the BMW’s handiwork.  There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who kill others and those who kill themselves. Die, yee yuppie scum yee.” – The Milk

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  • And since we’re now in winter, pay attention to whether their lights and windows are clear of snow and frost and what type of tires they’re on (bald summer tires in winter are a perennial favorite for shitty uninsured/unregistered/unlicensed drivers). Get photos of their vehicle from all sides. You can very easily nail a person to the wall for negligence or simply lying if you’re attentive.

  • Rich Homie Ches gets it. Another great idea is to flip on the voice recorder app on your phone. You never know what they might say to you that you can later use to protect yourself, or against the other person.

  • If you ever get in an accident, be it a BMW or a beat up Sunfire, take photos at the scene, more often than not, if the other person is at fault, out of desperation they will try to take advantage of the situation, speaking from experience.

  • Lots of people pass the drivers test who shouldn’t be on the road. Lots of people should be retested. Plenty of people believe anything they’re told by someone who looks more successful than they are. This is all of the above

  • Obviously she was qualified, she passed the drivers licence test. Perhaps she didn’t have a lot of experience with the dishonest type of person driving the BMW. Either way..

  • Wolves don’t fret over the opinions of sheep.

    Assholes get shit done, and they’ll go around you or through you or straight over the top if you if you’re in the way.

    This person should have known to get the other person’s info. It’s right there in the highway act, their insurance policy, and driver’s education classes. Obviously this person is not qualified to be on the road.

  • There’s a third type of person, as evidenced by your friend : the naive idiot, too meek to live. Serves her right for being so dumb.

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