If you’re on Twitter, you’ll want to add seven-year-old Henry Devereaux and read his thoughts on life, predictions of the future, and even the occasional re-write of history and scientific fact:

“Do you think that people got the idea for pockets from kangaroos?”

“Imagine if we could drive our house. It would be too big for the road, so a propeller would come from the top and it would be a helicopter.”

“Why is she gonna chew people up?! That’s creepy! (Listening to Hall & Oates’ “Maneater”)”

“Can you pull off freckles?”

“There’s something behind the universe.”

“The most organic fruit was from an apple tree outside a grocery store & it fell off the tree & rolled into the store to the apple section.”

“Are your eyeballs held into your skull really tightly?”

“Rattlesnakes are nice because they give you a warning before attacking you.”

“It would be kinda weird to swim in blood.”

“I kinda remember being in mom’s belly. It was all red and weird.”

“A plumber fixed the tap? There was a plumber in OUR house?! You invited a plumber over?! I’ve never met a plumber… what was he wearing?”

“What’s on top of space? On the news they said there was an old golden castle on top of the double-decker of space.”

“Millions of years ago there was a seven-foot centipede that roamed the earth and they loved stuff that feels like duvets.”

“Why does @NoradSanta track Santa? Do they need to protect him? Like from the biggest bat ever, or meteors, or outer space circuits?”

“Half of a quarter is a guarter.”

“Gravity will disappear in ten years.”

“This bread is so hard I could probably call this a teeth test.”

“The sun can only melt the outside five inches of the moon.”

“If you land in hot lava, how does your spirit get out, ‘cause there is lava around it and it’s melting?”

“Bunnies don’t have knives so they just eat their carrots right up to the top.”

“(Overheard Henry talking to Euan) Imagine if our penises had penises…? And their penises had penises…?! And their penises had penises?!!”

“Your teeth are just like small white rocks. That’s how hard they are.”

“If I was swimming in a pond a swan could definitely hold me down under water.”

“One isn’t a lot if you think about trees in the forest. But one IS a lot if you think about dinosaurs in front of your house.”

“I’ll keep this coffee bean with me so I can feed it to a hawk if I ever see a hawk.”

“My imaginary friend has a Tyrannosaurus Rex head.”

“So our aquarium snail can breathe underwater and he can breathe out of water? Wow! That is a complicated snail.”

“You can always tell it’s The Ramones cause they have that rockin’ part.”

“I’m always thinking, is this just a dream? Is my life just a dream?”

“Getting neutered does not sound lovely.”

“People can’t rob you if everything in your house is super heavy.”

“Hey dad, I forgot, how was the earth formed?”

“Imagine if a salmon came out of our tap.”

“Well lizards are all kinds of different colours and no one cares about that, so why would anyone care about people being different colours?”

“What if gravity goes away?”

“If I am ever going to survive, I’m gonna need to learn how to walk on my hands.”

“Why do they call them goldfish instead of orangefish?”